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Push Through Bullet Lubrisizer
Lubrisizer Die Body, Punch and Lock Ring

At least one is required for a functional Push-Thru Lubrisizer setup. The Lube Pump will fit any caliber die body.  Lubrisizer Dies will screw into any body but you should choose a 45 body for
 .457-.461 bullet sizing dies and/or a 40 cal body for .412 to .406 bullets etc. for best results.

Options for Nominal Bullet Diameter
50 Cal. .512, .513
45 Cal. .457-.461
40 Cal. .406-.412
38 Cal. .375-.379
32 Cal. .321-.323

Each body comes with a fitted punch and lock ring.  Price:$79.99
Lube Pump Assembly

 At least one is required for a functional Push-Thru Lubrisizer setup.
 An extra allows you to quickly change lubes or to finish a batch of bullets without stopping.  The reservoir holds a little more than one hollow stick of SPG.  The pump is designed for soft black poder lubes like SPG  Hard lubes will need external heat.    Price $79.49
Lubrisizer Dies

​  At least one die is required for a functional Push-Thru Lubrisizer setup.
  Choose a die with a diameter equal to or 0.001 inch greater than the
  groove diameter of the barrel you intend to use the bullets in. An extra
  die allows allows you to experiment with bullet diameter to find the
  best accuracy. Click on the Reloading Tools tab to see setup and
  operating instructions. We are now offering dies with from 1 to six
  rows of holes to better match bullets with more or less grease groves.
  To determine how many rows of holes to order, measure the shank of your
  bullet from the rear of the rear grease grove to the front of the front grease
  grove. In other words, determine the length of the bullet shank that you
  want to receive bullet lube. From the list below select the number of rows
  of lube holes the will get bullet lube into all of the grease grooves that you
  want to lube.
  1 rows 0.156 inches
  2 rows 0.281 inches
  3 rows 0.406 inches
  4 rows 0.531 inches
  5 rows 0.656 inches

Available Diameters
Die Body (punch not shown)
Complete Lubrisizer mounted on a press
Lube Pump
Lube dies.   These all have 3 rows of lube holes and will lube 0.406 inches of bullet shank.
All of the parts.
  Pushin' bullets.
One after the other. In the window and out the top.
The die body holds the bullet in perfect alignment with the sizing die and then the bullet is pushed, by it’s base, square through the die.  The chance of damaging the bullet during sizing and lubing is much less.

Fitting nose punches are not needed. You can change bullet nose styles  without changing the lubrisizer setup.

Change lube pumps to change lubes quickly

Mounts into your reloading press so it does not take up room on your bench when not in use.  No more flimsy linkages.