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Bushing Type Case Neck Sizing Die
Because the less you work your brass the longer it will last.

Die Bodies are 7/8 - 14 T.P.I. to fit most reloading presses and are designed to work with standard shell holders  
To have a working die, you must choose a die body to fit your cartridge, either decapping top or an open top to hold the bushing in the body, and one or more bushing diameters.  YOU MUST CHOOSE ONE OF THE DIE TOPS BELOW TO HAVE A FUNCTIONING DIE. THE DIE TOP HOLDS THE BUSHING IN THE DIE BODY.   IT IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE DIE BODY.

Die Bodies Available:
50-70 Govt.                             50-90(2.5 in.)             50x3 1/4 50 cal longer than 2.6 in.
45 cal to 2.6 inches, 40-65       45 cal longer than 2.6 in.
40-70 SS, 38-72                      40-50 Bottle Neck      40-50 S.S.
38-55                                      43 Mauser (44-77 Win.)

Price $72.00

Conventional sizing dies are designed to work with any combination of rifle chamber and cartridge brass that is with in SAMMI specifications. To do this, conventional dies size the entire case down smaller than minimum SAMMI chamber dimensions and then expand the case neck back up to accept a bullet. The result is that the cartridge brass becomes work hardened, brittle and eventually it splits. Work hardened case necks can deform soft lead bullets. Sizing the case body decreases its capacity and increases the amount of compression need to get a given charge of powder into the case.

Bushing type neck sizer dies size only the case neck and they only size it down enough to hold the bullet properly. If you are using one of our Easy Seater Straight Line Seating Dies and have properly chamfered your case necks, you may find that you will not need to use your expander die at all. 

Neck Sizing Die De-capping Top

Screws into the top of the die body and holds the sizing bushing in place. This top also includes a de-capping rod. Choose this top if you want to remove primers as you size the case necks.

Neck Sizing Die Open Top

Screws into the top of the neck sizing die body and holds the sizing bushing in place but this top is bored through to allow the bullet of a loaded cartridge to extend up through the bushing and the top of the die. Choose this top if you use a separate de-capping tool to remove primers
Sizing Bushings

​Interchangeable bushings, available in one-one thousandths of an inch increments, allow sizing the case neck for proper grip on the bullet without having to expand or bell the neck.
​To determine what size bushing to order with your die, measure the outside diameter of the neck of several of your loaded cartridges. If these measurements very by more than 0.0015 inches you may find that the accuracy of your reloads will increase if you separate you brass in to lots of the same neck thickness or turn you case neck. This will be true regardless of what die you use. Subtract 0.002 to 0.004 inches from your smallest neck diameter and order sizing bushings in that range.You will need at least one bushing to have a working sizing die.

Price $15.95 each
50 cal. Neck
 Sizing Bushings
45 cal. Neck
Sizing Bushings
45 cal. Paper Patch Neck Sizing Bushings
.446 cal Neck Sizing Bushings
40 cal Neck Sizing Bushings
38 cal. Neck
Sizing Bushings
Below: De-capping Top left, Open Top right
Above: Sizing Bushings. What gets the job done!